From fireplace consultations to high quality and innovative products, our goal at Southern Andiron & Tool Co. is to foster community around the fire. Find out more about our signature and vintage products below, and get in touch with us about how we can work with you! 


Our mission is to help you reinvent your fireplace. With our fireplace consultations, we help you find the perfect andirons and tools that will make you fall in love with having a fire in your home again. After we're done, you'll want to invite all your friends and family over for fellowship and conversation around the fire.

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We have developed a diverse range of andirons and fireplace tools that we think you will absolutely love. Not only will they revolutionize the way you view your fireplace, they will make the experience of building a fire so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

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We have developed a diverse range of andirons, from our originals "The Piedmont" and "The Early Americana", to vintage andirons dating back to the 1700's. These andirons are meant to last a lifetime and will make your fireplace look amazing 365 days a year.

The Piedmont

The Early Americana

Vintage Set

Vintage Set


These are the finest in fireplace tools.  Hand-forged with the serious fireplace aficionado in mind, this masterpiece comes complete with a fire iron, ash trowel, and ash whisk.  Finished in cow hide handles, these tools will age like fine wine. The "Legendary Firetools" set is designed for the period fireplace and its most discriminating user, and will quickly become an heirloom passed down generation to generation.


Are you tired of a fireplace screen that is too heavy to move? We've developed a beautiful screen that weighs in at around 6 pounds; it’s so light, you can lift it with a finger! We design the screen to match your fireplace dimensions, making it as easy as possible to cover your fire when you leave the room. And when you are in the room, you can effortlessly remove it and enjoy your roaring fire.